TAP@S – Year 9 Top Achievers Program at Scoresby

TAP@S – Year 9 Top Achievers Program at Scoresby

Scoresby Secondary College is offering a High Achievers Program for students entering year 9 in 2019.  The program titled Top Achievers Program at Scoresby (TAP@S) has been developed in consultation with educational experts, teachers, tertiary providers and employers.

TAP@S provides provision of enrichment and enhancement opportunities and recognises the particular needs and special abilities of high potential students and challenges them to further develop their talents and potential.  The program is not simply an acceleration program.  The program ensures that these students are challenged and are offered opportunities to explore material in considerable depth with rich tasks applying higher order thinking skills to expand their minds in creative and innovative ways.  The program aims to foster lifelong-learners who are highly motivated, creative, collaborative, responsive, and resilient and are able to be adaptable as global citizens and employees.

For more information in regards to Edutest visit their website: (www.edutest.com.au)

To register your Application for the Top Achievers Program at Scoresby (TAP@S) – click on the link and complete the steps: Edutest registration

More information regarding the application process can be found on the attached document:

Year 9 TAP@S Top Achievers Program

What does Enrichment and Enhancement Mean?

Enrichment activities include inquiry and problem solving tasks which ‘enrich’ the school curriculum providing greater breadth and depth.  Enhancement activities offer students experiences both beyond their age and class level and beyond the regular school curriculum.

Enhancement is where students who meet the requirements complete a subject a year ahead of normal.  That is, a Year 10 subject completed by a Year 9 student, a Year 11 subject completed by a Year 10 student or a Year 12 subject completed by a Year 11 student.  The benefits to completing a VCE subject a year earlier is that it enables the students to ‘taste’ the rigours of VCE early and in the case where a student completes an extra Unit 3 & 4 sequence can enhance their university entrance (ATAR*) score with an extra subject included.