Junior School 7-9


The Year 7 to 9 curriculum develops a set of knowledge and skills required by all students to become life-long learners, move into later years of schooling and into further education and employment.
The program has been designed to meet the diverse educational needs of all of our students and to provide them with stimulating experiences within the classroom and extra-curricula activities.
Students in Year 7 study the following core subjects for the full year: English, Mathematics, – Mandarin, Science, Humanities, Health, Physical Education and Information and Communications Technology. In addition, Arts and Technology subjects are studied for one semester.
Year 8 and 9 students also study the core subjects, but have more opportunities to specialize in areas they are interested in through a wider selection of Arts, Technology and Information Technology subject electives.
Selected students will be provided with additional literacy and numeracy support, and extension and enrichment programs are also offered to cater for all students.

Social and emotional development

Every student’s social and emotional development is nurtured in a safe and positive environment both in and out of the classroom. Our wellbeing programs promote an orderly and inclusive climate to develop happy, healthy and resilient students. Our curriculum takes into account student wellbeing and there are also extra curricula programs run by the school such as the Department of Education’s Respectful Relationships Education Program, the Cybersafety Program and other programs for leadership and lifelong learning.
At Scoresby Secondary College, we help our students become active and informed citizens and to be well prepared for the world or further study, work and beyond. Every child is given the opportunity and experiences that will enable him or her to be their brilliant best.