“Congratulations to the principal Gail Major, staff and Scoresby Secondary College community for the amazing transformation occurring at the school. On my recent visit I observed students highly engaged in their learning in an atmosphere which was calm, orderly and highly stimulating. 
The changes occurring at Scoresby Secondary College reflect a genuine commitment to the government’s vision for excellence in education. I look forward to supporting the school as it continues to grow and prosper as a centre of learning excellence for all students.”
Coralee Pratt
Senior Leader, North East Victoria Region
Department of Education

“I was extremely impressed by the way in which your students approached the PISA tests, with concentration and focus.  As a former teacher with some 35 years experience I was also impressed by the garden plantings with little or no litter and the calm and purposeful way in which students moved about the school, this could be a positive lesson for other schools.”
Jack Zagorski
Australian PISA Test Administrator

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Year 7, 8 and 9 students from Scoresby Secondary College. The students were attentive, responsive and engaged. It was a treat to work with such well-mannered groups of students and I was really quite impressed with the quality of their ideas and their willingness to engage with the ideas presented. I was also impressed with the way they listened, collaborated and supported each other. I’d be delighted to return anytime!”
Michael Panckridge
Australian Childrens Author (titles include: Over The Wall, On The Buzzer, Speccy-tacular, The Vanishings)

“In my time at Scoresby I really enjoyed the sense of community that exists between the different parts of the school… removing the borders between year levels in a way that encourages students of all year levels to interact with and learn from each other… The staff are supportive of us as individuals as well as students”
Year 12 student 2015