Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum

In 2015, we introduced teaching practices to support a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
This means that each student is guaranteed to be taught what is imperative to teach, irrespective of the class they are in at a school, and that the curriculum can realistically be taught in the time available.
Evidence of improved student outcomes using this practice is well documented by educators worldwide.
What does this mean at Scoresby Secondary College?
‘Guaranteed’ means that all students, regardless of their teacher, will have access to the same content, knowledge and skills. They may use different methods, but teachers will consistently address the same learning goals and hold the same high expectations for student achievement. This process is supported through developing year level expectations, common assessments, or professional learning teams to achieve a consistent approach.
‘Viable’ means that the curriculum is realistic and achievable. Our curriculum has been documented and will be reviewed every three years to pass the dual test of being accessible to students and being reasonable for the teachers to teach to the level where every student will master the skill.